Snow Blade For Skid Steer Loaders

This is a 7.5 ft. wide snow blade for skid steer loaders. The skid steer model comes ready to mount to all skid steer loaders that are universal quick attach compatable (or tractor loaders that are skid steer quick attach compatable). Two models with either manual angle or hydraulic angle.

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Standard Model Comes With Manual Angle - Hydraulic Angle Available As An Option   Unit With Hydraulic Angle
  • Features/Specifications - Skid Steer Mounted Model

  • Heavy duty 7.5 ft. snow blade for skid steer loaders

  • Has 27 inch high moldboard

  • Reversible hard steel cutting edge (3/8 inch x 6 inches)

  • Round, Height Adjustable Skid Shoes Standard
  • Height adjustable skid shoes (6 inches x 1/2 inch thick) rotate for longer wear

  • Trip springs on moldboard for controlled breakover in snow

  • Blade locks for light grading of loose dirt or gravel

  • Manual angle standard, unit with hydraulic angle available

  • 10 gauge steel contruction on blade moldboard

  • 30 to 80 hp skid steer loader required for this plow

  • 7.5 Ft. (90 inches) Wide Plow With Manual Angle

  • Model WOSBS-2790: 7.5 ft. (90 inches) wide snow plow, for mounting on skid steer loaders with universal quick attach mount, manual angle, spring trip moldboard 27 inches high, wt. is 555 lbs. - Discounted price is $2309.00 total including shipping

  • Model WOSBS-2790 Plow With Hydraulic Angle

  • Model WOSBS-2790HA: 7.5 ft. (90 inches) wide snow plow, for mounting on skid steer loaders with universal quick attach mount, has hydraulic angling (includes cylinders, 6 ft. hoses, and flat faced "connect under pressure" couplers), wt. is 690 lbs. - Discounted price is $2835.00 total including shipping

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