Motorcycle Tire Changers Manual and Automatic

Manual Motorcycle Tire Changer   TC-400M-B Automatic, Rim-Clamp style Motorcycle Tire Changer

We have a manual model and an automatic model available; both models are affordable enough for use by either individuals or motorcycle shops. The model TC-MCATVM is a fully manual model complete with bead breaker and mount/demount bar (tire tool). The TC-400M-B is the automatic model with electric powered turntable and air powered wheel clamps.

Manual Motorcycle Tire Changer

Manual Motorcycle Tire Changer

  • Unit comes complete with bead breaker and mount demount bar

  • 3 wheel clamps hold wheel in place

  • One end of tire tool is used to demount the tire (straight end), and the angled end is used to mount the tire

  • Manual bead breaker works by laying each side of tire under the bear breaker shoe (down on the floor) and pressing down, when each side is broken, you then put the tire up on top of the tire changer and clamp it in place.

  • All steel construction, unit weighs 73 lbs., and ships by UPS/Fedex

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    Automatic Air/Electric Rim clamp Motorcycle Tire Changer

    The Model TC-400M-B is an automatic air/Electric rim clamp style motorcycle tire changer. This unit is very reasonably priced and is designed for use by low volume motorcycle shops or individuals. The component and finish quality is very good for a unit at this price level. If you are a club or professional motorcycle racer with your own shop you can't afford to be without a nice tire change like the TC-400M-B.

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    TC-400M-B Automatic, Rim-Clamp style Motorcycle Tire Changer
  • Features/Specifications

  • Automatic rim clamp style motorcycle tire changer

  • Has 110 volt A/C motor to spin the turnbable

  • Connect to your air compressor to run inflation hose and to clamp vise onto rim

  • Uniquely designed wheel clamp to securely hold rim in place and to protect rim from scratching

  • Designed specifically for motorcycle wheels, with adjustable clamp seat to adjust to various rim sizes, clamping for rims from 6 inches to 24 inches in diameter

  • Maximum wheel diameter can be 37 inches, and maximum wheel width can be 10 inches

  • Tire changer has an air operated blade style, easy to use, side mounted bead breaker

  • Machine also includes air inflation hose with built-in gauge

  • Also included on the machine is an water separator, lubricator, and air pressure regulator

  • Unit weighs 400 lbs. and ships by truck on a pallet

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