Till-Rite T70 Series Tractor Mounted Rotary Tillers With Side Shift

The Till-Rite T70 Series Tillers are heavy duty tillers designed for tractors from 30 to 70 hp, with 540 rpm pto shafts. The T70 series is available in a 82 inch working width with models with either 4 or 6 blades per flange. The T70 series mounts on your tractor's category 1 three point hitch.

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Till-Rite T70 Series Rotary Tillers

  • Features/Specifications

  • Designed for tractors with 30-70 engine horsepower and a 540 rpm pto shaft

  • Highly engineered, rugged gearbox

  • Adjustable skids for working depth control

  • Heavy duty shielded pto shaft with slip clutch safety

  • PTO shaft is a 1 3/8 inch ASAE category 6 pto shaft

  • Designed to mount on category 1 three point hitches

  • Maximum working depth of 8 3/4 inches

  • Wear protection on the chain case

  • Has parking stand so tiller sits level when unhooked and not in use

  • Lateral number 100 chain drive transmission in oil bath

  • Four blades per flange or optional six blades per flange - order unit set up either way

  • Outward turned blades keeps the rotor supports clean and maximizes working width

  • Rotor flanges adaptable for six blades if you need to add blades later

  • Six blades give you greater stability and finer soil pulverization

  • Heavy duty full size tiller blades

  • Model T70-382: 82 inch tilling width model having 10 flanges with 6 blades per flange, rotor rpm is 221, weight is 879 lbs. - Click on the link below for current price and availability

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