The Self-Change 160 Manual Tire Changer

The Self-Change 160 is our manual tire changer with an air bead seater. No other manual tire changer has this feature, or can do the wide size range of the Self-Change 160. The Self-Change 160 lets you change tires on wheels with rim sizes from 4" in diameter with the bearing in the hub, up through 16.5" in diameter on pickups and farm tractors.

Self-Change 160
  • The Self-Change 160 Manual Tire Changer With Air Bead Seater.
  • Change Tires On Power Equipment, Mowers, Golf Carts,ATVs, Go-Karts, Trailers, Cars, and Pickups.
  • Used By Power Equipment Shops, Golf Courses, Landscape Companies, Schools and Tire Shops.
  • Has bead breaker that works on all sizes.
  • All steel construction for heavy duty use.
  • Change tires on wheels with rim sizes from 4", through 16.5", up to 12" wide.
  • Built in air bead seater uses any shop air compressor that can go up to 120 psi.
  • Comes with rack to hold accessories and mount/demount bars.
  • Accessory available for motorcycle and open center trailer or car wheels.
  • Made in the USA and warranted for 2 years

  • Price is $789.00 plus shipping
  • Available Accessories for the Model 160. Please Note: These accessories are designed to fit the Wikco Tire changer only, so we won't sell them for use on other tire changers or stands.

  • 109 ATV Bead Breaker 
  • The 109 ATV bead breaker shoe also has a lever arm that attaches so you can keep the bead breaker shoe tightly against the rim - Price is $39.00 delivered

    MC 110 Motorcycle Attachment 
  • The MC110-160 Attachment is designed to fit on the Self-Change 160 only. Change wheels on mini-bikes, motorcycles, and open center ATV and trailer wheels - Price is $149.00 delivered

    More Information On MC110 AttachmentClick Here For More Information
    STC 104.103 Attachment 
  • The #104.103 Rim Clamp Accessory is not used with the Self-Change manual tire changer. The #104.103 is used if you have an automatic air or electric powered rim clamp tire changer and you need an accessory to do small wheels. With this attachment, 8" diameter rims and larger are done automatically, and wheels with 4" and 6" rims are done manually with the included bar - Price is $178.00 delivered

  • The Custom Wheel Bars are mount/demount bars with Delrin inserts; these bars will protect painted and chrome wheels from scratching, and aluminum wheels from gouging. The tire changers come standard with a large and small steel bar - Model 100-14C Large Mount/Demount Bar is $69.00 plus shipping, Model 103-4C Small Custom Wheel Bar is $39.00 plus shipping
  • Model 101 Tire Spreader spreads the tire apart for inspection and easier repair and patching of tire. Fits down over the large cap of the 160. Designed for use with the 160 only. Price is $39.00 delivered

Accessories listed here are designed to fit the Wikco Self-Change tire changer only and will not work on any other manual tire changer. Accessories are only sold to go with either model of Wikco's tire changers.

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