Stump Bucket And Stump Bucket With Grapple Arm

The skid steer mount stump bucket is available as standard or with a grapple arm. The stump buckets are a fast and effective tool for removal of stumps and roots. These units feature heavy duty construction of 1/2 inch thick plate steel, and have a universal skid steer quick attach mount. You can use the LF series stump bucket to remove stumps, remove trees, dig ditches, carry rocks and other materials around your jobsite.

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Stump Bucket Grapple

Stump Bucket And Stump Grapple Bucket
  • Features/Specifications - Model LFSB Standard Stump Bucket

  • Standard Stump Bucket
  • Universal skid steer quick attach mount stump bucket for fast and effective removal of stumps and roots

  • Constructed of 1/2 inch thick laser cut steel with serrated edges

  • Cast steel teeth pinned to shanks welded to a 1 ft. x 8 ft. cutting edge

  • The LF stump bucket is 62.5 inches long x 12 inches wide on the front end, making it also useful for moving trees and digging ditches

  • The 20 inch deep trough works well to carry rocks, trees, and other materials and debris

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    LF Series Heavy Duty Stump Bucket With Grapple Arm
  • Features/Specifications - Model LFSBG Heavy Duty Stump Bucket With Grapple

  • This unit is the LF stump bucket with the addition of a single hydraulic cylinder grapple

  • The addition of the grapple arm makes hauling away the stumps and other debris more efficient

  • Handle brush, logs, debris, and other materials securely with this sturdy grapple

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    Loflin Compact Mount Stump Bucket
  • Features/Specifications - Model 0162006000 Mini Stump Bucket

  • Has Mini-Skid Steer mount, weighs 191 lbs.
  • Powder coated finish for durability

  • 1/2 thick x 6" wide cutting edge

  • 3 replaceable teeth (Pengo 2300 Series)

  • 3/8 thick sides and 1/4 thick bottom

  • 40 HP and below machines

  • Available with Toro Dingo and Bobcat MTSO mount

  • Can be built to fit compact tractor

  • Other custom mounts available

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