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Wikco's Product Warranty Repair Procedures

  • Product warranty repairs and warranty parts replacement should be handled the following way:

  • All warranty parts replacement requests and warranty repair estimates and requests need to be in writing by either e-mailing us at: or . or faxing us at 520-316-0446.

  • 1. Let us know the product you are talking about, and give us as much information as possible such as: product model number and description; serial number of the machine; and the invoice number for the purchase.

  • 2. Let us know the part that has broken, look up the part number in the parts manual if possible, or provide a detailed description of the part.

  • 3. Coverage under warranty depends entirely on the requirements and restrictions of the product's manufacturer, including: repair labor rates and flat rate repair times allowed for repair procedures.

  • 4. We will then contact you with items covered, any extra labor not covered by the manufacturer and recommended repair procedures

  • Covered warranty repairs for brands we sell, purchased from us, can be handled in two ways:

    1. Defective parts can either be sent back to Wikco's warehouse prepaid for warranty repair which will not cost you labor as we will accept the labor rate from the manufacturers we represent, and repair any factory approved warranty repair

    2. Another way to handle warranty repairs is for us to supply you with any parts under warranty and have a local repair shop do the repair. We will directly reimburse you for the factory's established labor reimbursement amount for the repair and you can have it repaired on your own.

  • Covered warranty repairs for brands we sell, but purchased from another dealer should be handled as follows:

  • 1. Warranty repairs for items we sell but not originally purchased from us should be taken back to the location they were purchased from if possible.

    2. Warranty repairs can be done on items we sell but were not directly purchased from us at a labor rate of $65.00 per hour. The difference between our labor rate and the manufacturer's labor rate on these warranty repairs will be paid by the customer.

    We make every effort to keep prices current and correct as shown on our product pages. Prices do change frequently however; we will notify you of any changes when we receive your order so you can make any adjustments or changes to the order. We are not responsible for information or pricing on copies of our web pages on the search engines that are out of date. If you navigated to this page by clicking a link in the search engine listings, then click on the reload button on your browser to make sure you are viewing a current version of this page from our website. You can also go to and link to this page from our index.

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