Tractor Mounted Cultivator

This series of tractor mounted cultivator is more agressive than some of our others (see our index under Cultivators); the curved steel shanks with replacable, reversible shovels are designed for a maximum working depth of 7 inches. Multiple holes are drilled into the frame allowing a variety of shank arrangements; each shank utilizes two heavy duty springs to allow them to give and return into position to allow use the the unit in rocky or rough fields. The cultivator is available in a working width of: 4 Ft. 2 inches.

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Three Point Hitch Mounted Field Cultivator With Spring Loaded Tines For Rough Or Rocky Fields
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  • Model WOFC-5: Three point hitch mounted 5 shank field cultivator, shanks have reversible, replaceable steel points, shanks are also replaceable, shanks are spring loaded and give under hard pulling conditons, great for use in rocky or rough fields, mounts on category 1 three point hitches, this unit recommended for tractors from 30 to 35 hp, with actual hp required depending upon tractor speed, tilling depth, and soil conditions, maximum working depth of 7 inches, working width is 4 ft. 2 inches, weight is 299 lbs. - Click the link below for a price quote

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