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Prices are subject to change. We attempt to make sure all prices shown are current. We reserve the right to correct layout, price, photo, and copy errors however. To make sure you are looking at the current prices and our current web page(s), go to our site live at: www.wikco.com . All orders are subject to our final approval.

Items marked delivered, means shipping is included (see exceptions below); otherwise, items marked plus shipping. If shipping is not shown, or if are located outside the U.S. 48 states, then e-mail us at: sales@wikco.com for a shipping quote.

All "shipping charges" refer to standard shipping charges where delivery is to a commercial location. Delivery to a residential address (your home) or a rural location, requires an extra residential delivery fee - currently $50.00 (this is for shipments by truck - common carrier, this doesnot apply to UPS shipments). If delivery is by common carrier (truck) they will deliver the freight to the delivery address. You must have some way to help unload the freight, either by hand or with forklift; it is the consignee's responsibility. If you don't have a way to unload it, services such as a lift gate are available. A minimum extra charge of $75.00 will apply, but this charge varies for each terminal location, so this is the minimum and could be as high as $180.00. Standard delivery for truck shipments means to your dock or door. If the item needs to be placed inside your warehouse by the trucking company, there will also be an inside delivery charge. Any special services should be requested at the time of the order. You can also pick up truck shipments at the terminal, and they will load it into your truck or trailer. If you have any questions about delivery, please contact us.

When the price says delivered, the price includes shipping to points within the continental 48 United States only. All other points in the U.S. will require extra shipping, including islands off the coast that are not connected by a land route. Extra shipping will be required on delivered prices to points in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and all other points worldwide.

Please read the information below about damage to shipments; if there is a problem with a shipment, we can help you if you follow the information in our Terms And Conditions, and the Damage Claim sections.

Important: Receipt of Damaged Merchandise - Click on the link at the bottom of this page for our Damaged Shipment Procedure page - to return damaged merchandise without any cost to you, you have to read these instructions. Always make sure you inspect your shipment for both obvious and hidden damage; unless you do so we may not be able to help.

Order Cancellation/Refusal: Approximate delivery time is 14 working days from our receipt of your order; delivery will be sooner if possible. From the day an item is shipped the minimum delivery time is 5 working days - if this isn't acceptable, don't order. (This minimum is for payment by cashier's check, wire, or credit card where allowed. Regular business checks or personal checks will be allowed to clear and will add to delivery time.) Order cancellations or refusals of items already shipped by us are not acceptable when delivery is made within 14 working days. If refused during this time period, any refund on items that have been shipped and will be delivered within 14 working days from our receipt of your order are less shipping out and shipping back to the origin warehouse. Delivery refusals of backordered items are not acceptable if you have agreed to accept delivery on a backordered item which is delivered within 30 days.

Returns: There are no product returns. Any product defect will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty which will involve repair or replacement of defective parts and components.

WE DO NOT WARRANT APPLICATION. Warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship only, and not whether or not the item will function for your particular application. The products perform a specific function; whether or not they function as you imagined for a specific application is purely subjective and is not warranted.

If an item fails after 30 days, the remedy for a defective or broken part is through the manufacturer's warranty. We will help you in all ways possible to get an item repaired under warranty in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty terms.

Warranty: All products are warranted by the manufacturer. Call or e-mail us if you have questions about merchandise maintenance or care. Neither Wikco.Com Inc. or the manufacturer may be held responsible for customer misuse or abuse of merchandise. All Parts Are Available For The Products We Sell. Note: If you need parts during the warranty period, you must replace the parts with factory parts or you will automatically void the factory warranty. You can purchase the parts from us or elsewhere as long as they are original factory replacement parts. If you have a warranty claim or issue, you need to contact Wikco.Com Inc. with a description of the problem. If you do not contact us initially at the time of the problem we won't be able to help you with any claim or remedy.

Damage Claim Procedures - Click On This Link For Information on Items Damaged In Shipment

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